European Route E45

European Route E45

The European route E 45 goes between Sweden and Italy, through Denmark, Germany and Austria. With a length of about 4,920 kilometres (3,057 mi), it is the longest north-south European route.

The route passes through Karesuando (Sweden) – Porjus – Jokkmokk - Arvidsjaur – Östersund – Mora – Säffle – Åmål – Gothenburg … Frederikshavn (Denmark) – Aalborg – Randers - Århus – Vejle – Kolding – Frøslev – Flensburg (Germany) – Hamburg – Hanover – Göttingen – Kassel – Fulda – Würzburg – Nuremberg – Munich – Rosenheim – Wörgl (Austria) – Innsbruck – Brenner – Fortezza (Italy) – Bolzano – Trento – Verona – Modena – Bologna – Cesena – Perugia – Fiano Romano – Naples – Salerno – Sicignano – Cosenza – Villa San Giovanni … Messina – Catania – Siracusa – Gela

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