European Portuguese

European Portuguese (português europeu in Portuguese, ) refers to the variety of Portuguese spoken in continental Portugal, as well as the Azores and Madeira islands. The word “European” was chosen to avoid the clash of “Portuguese Portuguese” as opposed to Brazilian Portuguese.

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The Prominence of European Portuguese
... Thus European Portuguese is used as a norm of reference for African and Asian Lusophone spaces (Angola, Cape Verde, East Timor, Guinea-Bissau, Macau, Mozambique, and São ... In Europe, European Portuguese remains the learning standard for PLE (Portuguese as a second language) ... The Instituto Camões is an organization which promotes not only the Portuguese language but also Portuguese culture ...
Differences Between Spanish And Portuguese - Vocabulary - Cognates - Miscellaneous
... In Portuguese largo (also ancho) is 'wide' and longo is 'long' ... Portuguese estranhar means 'to find strange', or to lock horns ... In Portuguese, it just means 'rare' ...
Brazilian-Portuguese - BP/EP Differences in The Informal Spoken Language
... There are various differences between European Portuguese (EP) and Brazilian Portuguese (BP), such as the dropping of the second person conjugations (and, in some dialects, of the 2nd person ... Portuguese people can understand Brazilian Portuguese well ... However, some Brazilians find European Portuguese difficult to understand at first ...
Reforms Of Portuguese Orthography - Portuguese Orthography Vs. Brazilian Orthography - Problems With The Original Orthography
... produced inconsistencies between the European and the Brazilian orthographies ... with for example the u being pronounced in a few Brazilian Portuguese accents qüestão (though it was never accepted as a possible writing), but not in European Portuguese ... exceptions, including a few pairs of homographs in European Portuguese which vary only in having either a low or a high vowel in an unstressed syllable ...
Differences Between Spanish And Portuguese
... Although Portuguese and Spanish are closely related, to the point of having a considerable degree of mutual intelligibility, there are also important differences ... and Para bom entendedor, poucas palavras bastam (Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese ), roughly equivalent to the English proverb "A word to the wise is ... notes these differences below only where both Brazilian and European Portuguese differ not only from each other, but from Spanish as well both Peninsular (i.e ...

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