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Family Tree - Other Uses
... The author Pete Frame is notable for having produced "family trees" of rock bands ... membership of certain groups, and personnel changes within them, rather than family relationships ... Several books have been produced with his family trees, which in turn have led to a BBC television series about them, including interviews from the bands depicted in the trees ...
Chinese Emperors Family Tree (middle)
... The following is a family tree of Chinese emperors from 581 to 1279, the second of three periods of 700 years, from the unification of China under the Sui Dynasty to the conquest of China by the Mongols under ... Chinese emperors family tree (ancient) → Chinese emperors family tree (early) → Chinese emperors family tree (middle) → Chinese emperors family tree (late) ...
Shamsabad, Pakistan - Awans of Shamasabad
... of information about the origin and family tree of the Awan family ... Aziz Ahmad research produced a detailed family tree for the majority of the Awan residents of Shamasabad ... Detailed family trees from Usman to the present generations are available ...
36 Crazyfists - Discography - Other Releases
... Brock Lindow and Kyle Novak on vocals.) Song by "Family Tree" on the album "Family Tree 1" released on "Excessive use of the Force Records." Family tree also features David Holt, brother of Steve Holt, on guitar synth ... contact" (featuring Brock Lindow and Sarah Pederson on Vocals) - Both songs by "Family Tree" on the album "Family Tree 2" released on Excessive use of the Force Records ... Family Tree also features David Holt, brother of Steve Holt, on drums, guitar synth and Touch guitar 2005 – "Destroy The Map EP" – released in connection with ...
Mollusca - Evolution - Phylogeny
... Halkieria Orthrozanclus Odontogriphus A possible "family tree" of molluscs (2007) ... The phylogeny (evolutionary "family tree") of molluscs is a controversial subject ... Because the relationships between the members of the family tree are uncertain, it is difficult to identify the features inherited from the last common ...

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