Empress Dowager

Empress dowager (also Dowager Empress or Empress mother) (Chinese: 皇太后; Chinese pinyin: Húang Tài Hòu, Korean pronunciation: Hwang Tae Hu, Japanese pronunciation: Kōtaigō, Vietnamese pronunciation: Hoàng Thái Hậu) was the title given to the mother of a Chinese, Korean, Japanese or Vietnamese emperor. The title was also given occasionally to another woman of the same generation, while a woman from the previous generation was sometimes given the title of Grand empress dowager. Numerous empress dowagers held regency during the reign of an underage emperor. Many of the most prominent empress dowagers also extended their control for long periods after the emperor was old enough to govern. This was a source of political turmoil according to the traditional view of Chinese history.

The title Dowager Empress was given to the wife of a deceased Emperor of Russia, or of the Holy Roman Emperor.

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... death of Emperor Kōmei, Emperor Meiji conferred the title of Empress Dowager and she was given a posthumous name to go with her new title ... highly unusual gesture and she was afterward known as Empress Dowager Eishō (英照皇太后, Eishō kōtaigō?) ... The empress dowager died in 1897 at age 62 and was buried at Senyū-ji, which is in Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto ...
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... Government of the Han Dynasty To mitigate the damage caused by a series of natural disasters, Empress Dowager Deng's government attempted various relief measures of tax remissions ... Aware of her financial constraints, the Empress Dowager limited the expenses at banquets, the fodder for imperial horses who weren't pulling carriages, and the amount of luxury ... An continued similar disaster relief programs that Empress Dowager Deng had implemented, though he reversed some of her decisions, such as a 116 CE ...
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... After the decease of Anh Tông, his uppermost consort (now became Empress Dowager Chiêu Linh) wanted to dethrone her son Long Xưởng, who was the former Crown ... At death's door, he recommended Empress Dowager Đỗ an official named Trần Trung Tá ... One year later, Empress Dowager Đỗ appointed Lý Kính Tu to teach her son ...
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... Dowager Empresses of Russia held precedence over the Empress-Consort ... For example, when Emperor Alexander III died, the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna (Dagmar of Denmark) held precedence over Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna (Alix of Hesse) which put an enormous ... The power struggle culminated when the Dowager Empress refused to hand over certain jewels which were traditionally associated with the Empress Consort ...

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