Grand Empress Dowager

The title Grand Empress Dowager (also Grand Dowager Empress or Grand Empress Mother) (Chinese: 太皇太后; pinyin: tài huáng tài hòu; Japanese: たいこうたいごう) was given to the grandmother, or a woman from the same generation as the grandmother, of the Chinese, Korean and Japanese dynastic rulers. Some grand empress dowagers held regency within the beginning years of reign of an underage emperor. Some of the most prominent empress dowagers extended long periods of regency, to beyond after the ruler was mature enough to govern alone. This was seen as a source of political turmoil, according to the traditional views of Chinese historians.

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Empress Dowager Zheng (Xuānzong) - As Empress Dowager
... He honored Princess Dowager Zheng as an empress dowager ... There were thus three empresses dowager at that time, with Emperor Muzong's mother Consort Guo then being grand empress dowager, and the mother of Emperor Wuzong's ... In 848, Grand Empress Dowager Guo died — purportedly murdered by Emperor Xuānzong ...
Chinese Grand Empress Dowagers - Qing Dynasty
... Grand Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang (1661—1688), during the reign of the Kangxi Emperor Grand Empress Dowager Cixi (1908), during the reign of the Xuantong Emperor (Puyi) ...
Empress Dowager Guo (Muzong) - As Empress Dowager and Grand Empress Dowager - During Emperor Xuānzong's Reign
... Grand Empress Dowager Guo continued to be grand empress dowager, but Emperor Xuānzong's mother Consort Zheng was honored as empress dowager ... As a consequent, all Grand Empress Dowager Guo's descendants lost the right to claim the Tang’s crown ... to injury, Consort Zheng, who had previously been a servant girl of Grand Empress Dowager Guo's before she became an imperial consort, resented Grand Empress ...
Beyond The Realm Of Conscience - Historical Basis - Trivia
... Empress Dowager or Grand Empress Dowager Guo was resented by Concubine Dowager (later Empress Dowager) Zheng ... The Grand Empress Dowager was disrespected by Empress Dowager Zheng and Lee Yi to such an extent that she really attempted suicide by throwing herself of the tower ... Grand Empress Dowager Guo tried to commit suicide as she failed to demand respect from Emperor Xuānzong and Empress Dowager Zheng ...
Liu Gong
... although there is some controversy on the subject—and adopted by Emperor Hui's wife, Empress Zhang Yan ... At the instigation of his grandmother, Empress Dowager Lü, Empress Zhang had Emperor Qianshao's mother put to death ... However, his grandmother, now Grand Empress Dowager Lü, publicly presided over all government affairs ...

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