EME can refer to:

In organizations:

  • Emcor, a US construction company that has NYSE stock symbol EME
  • East Midlands Electricity, an electricity supply company in the East Midlands, UK
  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Branch, a personnel branch of the Canadian Forces
  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, a branch in the Indian Army
  • La eMe, see Mexican mafia, a Mexican American criminal organization

In science and technology:

  • College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Rawalpindi, largest constituent college of National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Pakistan.
  • Eigenmode expansion, an algorithm in computational electrodynamics
  • EME (communications), Earth-Moon-Earth radio communications also known as "Moonbounce"
  • Electromagnetic environment, The totality of electromagnetic phenomenon existing at a given location
  • EME (psychedelic), a psychedelic drug
  • Early myoclonic encephalopathy, a type of epilepsy

In other:

  • Early Modern English
  • Emerging Market Economy, see BRICs and Emerging markets
  • Eme, Scottish for "uncle"
  • EME Temple, a Temple in India
  • -eme, a suffix used in linguistics to denote a class of emic units

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