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Musk has described himself as a workaholic who routinely invests 100 hours per week running Tesla Motors and SpaceX, often flying in a fuel-efficient corporate jet.

The SpaceX factory was used as a filming location for Iron Man 2 and Musk has a cameo in the movie. In addition, Jon Favreau, director of the Iron Man movies, describes in his article how Musk was the inspiration for Favreau's film depiction of genius billionaire Tony Stark.

Musk previously owned and later sold a McLaren F1 sports car and a Czech made jet trainer aircraft Aero L-39. The 1994 model Dassault Falcon 900 aircraft used in the film Thank You for Smoking is registered to Musk (N900SX) and Musk had a cameo as the pilot of his plane, opening the door for Robert Duvall and escorting Aaron Eckhart aboard. Musk is an attendee of the Burning Man festival, and says that he first thought up the idea for SolarCity at the 2004 festival. Recently, he proposed a solar-powered jet tunnel system known as the Hyperloop that would enable individuals to make trips from San Francisco to Los Angeles in less than 30 minutes.

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