Eligible Receivers

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American Football Rules - Scrimmage Downs - Positions
... Within this formation, there are six eligible receivers who may receive a forward pass during play ... These eligible receivers are the four backs, and the two players at either end of the line ... so officials may more easily judge which players were eligible and which were not at the start of a play ...
Penalty (gridiron Football) - List of Penalties
... an opponent other than the ball carrier while attempting to ward off a block or cover a receiver ... as blocking a kick or deflecting a forward pass (any eligible player may bat a forward pass in any direction). 10 yards 15 yards Illegal contact (defense) Making significant contact with a receiver after the receiver has advanced five yards beyond the line of scrimmage ...
Glossary Of American Football - E
... eligible receivers Players who may legally touch a forward pass ... provided the player's shirt displays a number in the ranges allowed for eligible receivers ... All players of the opposing team are eligible receivers, and once the ball is touched by a player of the opposing team (anywhere in American, or beyond the lines of scrimmage in Canadian football), all ...

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