• (noun): An attitude of defensiveness (especially in the phrase 'on the defensive').
    Synonyms: defensive attitude
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1979 NFL Season - Awards
... of the Year Earl Campbell, Running Back, Houston Oilers Defensive Player of the Year Lee Roy Selmon, Defensive End, Tampa Bay Offensive Rookie of the Year Ottis Anderson, Running ... Louis Cardinals Defensive Rookie of the Year Jim Haslett, Linebacker, Buffalo ...
Defensive Coordinator
... A defensive coordinator is typically a coach on a gridiron football team who is in charge of the defense ... The defensive coordinator is generally in charge of managing all defensive players and assistant coaches, of developing a general defensive game plan ... At higher levels of football (college and professional), the defensive coordinator typically has a number of assistant coaches working under him usually coaches ...
National Football League Defensive Player Of The Year Award - NFL Defensive Players of The Year
... Page, AlanAlan Page Minnesota Vikings Defensive tackle 2 NFC Division champ 1972 Greene, JoeJoe Greene Pittsburgh Steelers Defensive tackle 8 AFC Championship 1973 Anderson, DickDick ...
1974 NFL Season - Awards
... Player of the Year Ken Stabler, Quarterback, Oakland Defensive Player of the Year Joe Greene, Defensive End, Pittsburgh Offensive Rookie of the Year Don Woods ...
Ray Schalk
... Known for his fine handling of pitchers and outstanding defensive ability, Schalk was considered the greatest defensive catcher of his era ... the catching position was played by using his speed and agility to expand the previously accepted defensive capabilities for his position ...

More definitions of "defensive":

  • (adj): Serving as or appropriate for defending or protecting.
    Example: "Defensive fortifications"; "defensive dikes to protect against floods"
  • (adj): Intended or appropriate for defending against or deterring aggression or attack.
    Example: "Defensive weapons"; "a defensive stance"

Famous quotes containing the word defensive:

    Stay-at-home mothers, . . . their self-esteem constantly assaulted, . . . are ever more fervently concerned that their offspring turn out better so they won’t have to stoop to say “I told you so.” Working mothers, . . . their self-esteem corroded by guilt, . . . are praying their kids turn out functional so they can stop being defensive and apologetic and instead assert “See? I did do it all.”
    Melinda M. Marshall (20th century)

    Compared to football, baseball is almost an Oriental game, minimizing individual stardom, requiring a wide range of aggressive and defensive skills, and filled with long periods of inaction and irresolution. It has no time limitations. Football, on the other hand, has immediate goals, resolution on every single play, and a lot of violence—itself a highlight. It has clearly distinguishable hierarchies: heroes and drones.
    Jerry Mander, U.S. advertising executive, author. Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, ch. 15, Morrow (1978)

    Hats divide generally into three classes: offensive hats, defensive hats, and shrapnel.
    Katharine Whitehorn (b. 1926)