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Hsin-Ming Junior High School

Hsin-Ming Junior High was established in the summer of 1956, being named as Taoyuan County Yangmei High School Hsin-Ming Division. Principal Fang-chie Chang retained Mr. Shi-Tao Lee as the Division Supervisor. The temporary campus of Hsin-Ming was located in Hsin-Jie Temple, and the first graduates amounted to 880 persons and 16 classes. In 1958, Hsin-Ming bought the present campus from Provincial Law and Commerce College, and it has become the permanent home of Hsin-Ming since then. Hsin-Ming has undertaken several times of name-changing, and it’s illustrated as following.

As permitted, Hsin-Ming was independent in August 1959 as Taoyuan County Hsin-Ming Preliminary High School. The province authority assigned Hsin-Chao Hsieh as the first principal. Da-Luen and Nei-Li Divisions were set in 1961, and each of them was independent two years later. Due to “Nine-year Obligatory Education” announced in 1968, the school title was officially changed as Hsin-Ming Junior High School.

Principal Hsieh resigned in 1975. Director of Social Education Department in Education Bureau, Lin-Long Tsai was assigned as Acting Principal, and he became the principal in 1977. Principal Tsai transferred to Jian-Kuo Junior High School in February 1983. Jin-Chow Tsai took the position of principal and retired in February 1990.

The following principal was Wen-Bin Lee who established Class of Music Talents to foster students with gifts in music. Students amounted to 3500 persons (74 classes) during 1992 to 1994. Because of the re-demarcation of the school district and the establishment of Ping-Hsin Junior High School, Hsin-Ming was shrunk to 1500 persons (45 classes) by years. In 1999, Principal Lin was exchanged with the principal of Long-Gung Junior High School, Fang-Sun Lee.

Principal Lee, in his term during 2002, developed the Experimental Class of English Talents. However, due to the mutation of government policy, this project was abandoned right after the graduation of students. Hsin-Ming Baseball Team won the Championship of National Teen Baseball of Pony League and the third place of Teen Baseball of Asian Pony League. Principal Lee retired in August 2003, and Jin-Ming Dai took the position of Acting Principal until July 2004.

Education Bureau had assigned principal of Hsin-Po Junior High School, Yi-Bin Zheng to be the new principal of Hsin-Ming Junior High School since August 2004. Class for Talented Athletes was established in August 2004 to recruit excellent students who specialized in baseball. Class for Special Education was organized in August 2005. With the ground-breaking success, in 2005, Hsin-Ming Orchestra won the first place of Junior High Group in Taoyuan County, and it was on behalf of Taoyuan County to win the second place of the national competition. In the same year, Hsin-Ming Baseball Team won the Championship of National Baseball Game of Junior High School. This honor has never been earned by a team located more northern than Taichung County. In 2006, Hsin-Ming won the Championship of Taipei International Teenager Baseball Invitation Competition, the first place in qualification and the second place in the final of Taiwan-Japan International Teenager Invitation Competition.

With rich harvest of fifty-year school history of Hsin-Ming Junior High School, Hsin-Ming still needs to foster competitive and cosmopolitan citizens to accomplish the mission of education. From now on, Hsin-Ming is set up for excellent environment for study and inventive techniques of teaching to help students develop multiple abilities and make the success for all.

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