Edge Pieces

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Megaminx - Description
... a dodecahedron, and has 12 face center pieces, 20 corner pieces, and 30 edge pieces ... The edge pieces have two colors, and the corner pieces have three colors ... Each face contains a center piece, 5 corner pieces and 5 edge pieces ...
Fridrich Method - The Method
... The Cross - This first stage involves solving four edge pieces on one side ... In most beginner methods, the corners of the cube and edge pieces are solved separately ... In F2L, both the corner piece and edge pieces are solved at the same time, reducing the number of twists needed ...
Pyraminx - Description
... shape of a tetrahedron, divided into 4 axial pieces, 6 edge pieces, and 4 trivial tips ... It can be twisted along its cuts to permute its pieces ... The axial pieces are octahedral in shape, although this is not immediately obvious, and can only rotate around the axis they are attached to ...
Master Pyramorphix - Solutions
... Its 4 corner pieces and 4 face centers together are equivalent to the 8 corner pieces of the Rubik's Cube, its 6 edge pieces are equivalent to the face centers of the Rubik's Cube ... Cube may be used to solve the Master Pyramorphix, with a few minor differences the edge pieces are sensitive to orientation, unlike the usual coloring scheme used for the Rubik's Cube, and the ... the orientation of 4 of the 8 corner pieces do not matter ...

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