East Timor At The 2006 Lusophony Games - Football


Name Team
DF Angelino Ximenes
MD Antonio Ximenes FC Cafe
GK Diamantino Leong FC Zebra
MD Emílio da Silva AD Esperança
MD Eusebio de Almeida
DF Florensio Pereira FC Porto Taibesi
DF Geoffri de Lemos
MD João Pereira FC Zebra
DF Jordão Gama
DF José Pires FC Cafe
MD José Pereira FC Zebra
DF Juliao dos Santos
GK Leonel Araujo
DF Marcelo Flor
FW Marnivio Pereira
DF Miguel Soares
MD Salvador do Rego FC Cafe
MD Soares da Conceição
Mozambique 5 - 0 East Timor
Angola 5 - 0 East Timor

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