East Side Kids

East Side Kids

The East Side Kids were characters in a series of films released by Monogram Pictures from 1940 through 1945. Many of them were originally part of The Dead End Kids and The Little Tough Guys, and several of them later became members of The Bowery Boys.

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East Side Kids (film)
... East Side Kids is a 1940 film and the first in the East Side Kids film series ... It is the only one not to star any of the original six Dead End Kids ...
Spooks Run Wild - Overview
... Since the series inception in 1940, the East Side Kids films had been, for the most part, a well balanced mix between comedy, drama, and social relevance ... of pace, but, would also be one of the biggest East Side Kids extravaganzas yet ... two most popular draws for the first time together on screen Bela Lugosi and the East Side Kids ...
Sam Katzman - Biography - Monogram Pictures
... delinquency series, to cash in on the successful cycle of the Dead End Kids and Little Tough Guys melodramas ... Katzman's series, The East Side Kids, caught on almost immediately, and before long many of the original Dead End Kids and Little Tough Guys joined Katzman's series ... The East Side Kids films gradually evolved from noisy melodramas to roughneck comedies ...
East Side Kids - Filmography
... East Side Kids 1940 Robert F ... Kid Dynamite 1943 Wallace Fox Gerald Schnitzer Morey Amsterdam (dialogue) Paul Ernst 13 ... Million Dollar Kid 1944 Wallace Fox Frank H ...

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