East Indies

East Indies is a term used by Europeans from the 16th century onwards to identify what is now known as Indian subcontinent or South Asia, Southeastern Asia, and the islands of Oceania and Maritime Southeast Asia. The term has traditionally excluded China, Japan, and other countries to the north of India and the Himalayas.

The names "India" and "the Indies" are derived from the Indus River flowing through modern-day Pakistan, India and western Tibet and were applied by the ancient Greeks to most of the regions of Asia that lay further to the east than Persia. This usage dates at least from the time of Herodotus, in the 5th century BC (see Names of India).

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Liesbeth List - Biography - Early Life
... She was born in Bandoeng, Dutch East Indies (present-day Indonesia), as Elisabeth "Elly" Dorothea Driessen ... separated in 1942, when during the Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies, her father was forced to work in coal mines ... Four years later, the Netherlands freed the East Indies of the Japanese occupation and List and her mother were set free ...
Sultanate Of Banten - Western Contacts
... de Houtman, the first ever Dutch fleet to arrive in East Indies, landed in Banten ... In 1600 the Dutch set up the Dutch East Indies Company ... The English, who started to sail to the East Indies from around 1600, established a permanent trading post in Banten in 1602 under James Lancaster ...
Anthony Luteyn - Start of World War II
... Luteyn was born at Batavia, Dutch East Indies ... At the outbreak of World War II in the Netherlands, Luteyn was a cadet of the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army (Koninklijk Nederlands Indisch Leger, KNIL) at the Dutch military academy (Koni ... give their word of honour were officers of the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army, arguing that according to their regulations it was forbidden to give ...
Christmas Day Plot - World War I - Autumn 1915
... Maverick was to sail to Dutch East Indies ... Maverick made across the Pacific for the Dutch East Indies, but her Captain had no way of forewarning the Germans there that she came not with the arms they expected, but ... The arms were to be shipped in mid June to Surabaya in the East Indies on the Holland American steamship SS Djember ...
Laurens Reael - East Indies
... In May 1611 he left as commandeur of four ships for the East Indies ... He quickly worked his way up to become the third Governor-General in 1616, where he was stationed at the VOC headquarters, at that time on Ternate in the Moluccas ...

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