Dutch Famine of 1944

The Dutch famine of 1944, known as the Hongerwinter ("Hunger winter") in Dutch, was a famine that took place in the German-occupied part of the Netherlands, especially in the densely populated western provinces above the great rivers, during the winter of 1944-1945, near the end of World War II. A German blockade cut off food and fuel shipments from farm areas to punish the reluctance of the Dutch to aid the Nazi war effort. Some 4.5 million were affected and survived because of soup kitchens. About 22,000 died because of the famine. Most vulnerable according to the death reports were elderly men.

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Dutch Famine Of 1944 - Epigenetic Changes
... cause of Coeliac disease may also be partly attributed to the Dutch famine ... Thus in the 1940s the Dutch paediatrician Dr ... Audrey Hepburn spent her childhood in the Netherlands during the famine ...

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