Dundas may refer to:

  • Dundas, Greenland, a former settlement also known as Uummannaq and since replaced by Thule Air Base
  • Dundas, Minnesota, United States
  • Dundas, New Brunswick, Canada
  • Dundas, New South Wales, Australia
  • Dundas, Ontario, Canada
  • Dundas, Tasmania, Australia
  • Dundas, Virginia, United States
  • Dundas, Wisconsin, United States
  • Dundas (TTC), a subway station in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Dundas Aqueduct, Wiltshire, England
  • Dundas Cactus Festival, Dundas, Ontario, Canada
  • Dundas County, Ontario, Canada
  • Dundas Square, a public square in downtown Toronto, Canada
  • Dundas Street, Hong Kong
  • Dundas Street, Toronto, Ontario
  • Shire of Dundas, Western Australia
  • Dundas Island (British Columbia), Canada, the largest of the Dundas Islands
  • Dundas Island (Nunavut), Canada
  • Dundas Island, New Zealand
  • Dundas, Western Australia, Australia
See: Dundas (surname)
  • Dundas Castle, castle near Edinburgh
  • Clan Dundas, a Scottish clan
  • Charlotte Dundas, the first practical steamboat
  • Dundas Data Visualization, Inc., A commercial Software company from Ontario, Canada.

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Dundas, Tasmania
... Dundas was a historical mining locality, mineral field and railway location on the western foothills of the West Coast Range in Western Tasmania ... The North East Dundas Tram branched off the Emu Bay Railway approximately 3 kilometres north east of the Dundas railway connection ... Mount Dundas Post Office opened on 22 November 1890, was renamed Dundas in 1892 and closed in 1930 ...