Duala or Douala can refer to:

  • Duala people, an ethnic group in Cameroon
  • Duala language, part of the Bantu languages
  • Douala, the largest city in Cameroon, founded by the Duala people
  • Rudolf Duala Manga Bell (1873–1914), a Duala king and resistance leader
    • Alexandre Douala Manga Bell (1897–1966), son of above
  • Douala, Guinea, a village in the Nzérékoré Prefecture, Guinea

Other articles related to "duala":

Kwane A Ngie
... known in British records as Angua or Quan, was a Duala ruler from the Bonambela sublineage who flourished from 1788 to 1790 in Douala, Cameroon ... court records from 1788, when a British trader kidnapped several Duala and threatened to sell them in the West Indies, "Quan" was the more aggressive ruler in trying ... This rivalry with George is the earliest indication that the Duala people were fragmenting into rival Akwa and Bell lineages ...
List Of Rulers Of The Duala
... The rulers of the Duala are the headmen, chiefs, paramount chiefs, and kings of the Duala people of Cameroon ... The earliest known Duala rulers, according to Duala oral history, were Mbongo and his son Mbedi ... Douala) and became the eponymous founder of the Duala people ...
Limba People (Cameroon) - Culture
... Malimba speakers have little difficulty understanding Duala ... The Limba often utilise Duala and Mokpwe as trade languages, due largely to the spread of these tongues by early missionaries ... and allows the participants to consider the problems facing the Duala and humanity as a whole ...
1630) was a local Duala leader on the Cameroon coast in the 1630s ... Modern scholars equate Monneba with a Duala ruler named Mulobe a Ewale or Mulabe a Ewale ... possible that Monneba/Mulobe was the ruler who set into motion the transformation of the Duala into a trading people and the most influential ethnic group in early Cameroonian history ...
George (Duala King)
... George or Joss, born Doo a Makongo or Doo a Mukonga, was a king of the Duala people in the late 18th century ... who also bestowed on him the title of king (kine in Duala) ... books in which credit records were kept and the mark of a major trader in Duala eyes ...