Double Square

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Dynamic Rectangle - The 12 Orthogons of Wersin
... These orthogons are Square (11 or 1√1) Diagon (1√2) Hecton or sixton (1√3) Doppelquadrat (12 or 1√4) Hemiolion (23) Auron (the golden rectangle, 1 ... the diagonal that goes from the middle point of a side of a square to one of the opposite vertexes, until it is aligned with the middle point ... or root-2 rectangle is produced by projecting the diagonal of a square the sixton, hecton or root-3 rectangle is produced by projecting the diagonal of a ...

Famous quotes containing the words square and/or double:

    If magistrates had true justice, and if physicians had the true art of healing, they would have no occasion for square caps; the majesty of these sciences would of itself be venerable enough. But having only imaginary knowledge, they must employ those silly tools that strike the imagination with which they have to deal; and thereby, in fact, they inspire respect.
    Blaise Pascal (1623–1662)

    Today, San Francisco has experienced a double tragedy of incredible proportions. As acting mayor, I order an immediate state of mourning in our city. The city and county of San Francisco must and will pull itself together at this time. We will carry on as best as we possibly can.... I think we all have to share the same sense of shame and the same sense of outrage.
    Dianne Feinstein (b. 1933)