Who is robert riskin?

Robert Riskin

Robert Riskin (March 30, 1897 – September 20, 1955) was an American screenwriter and playwright, best known for his collaborations with director-producer Frank Capra.

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Famous quotes containing the word riskin:

    Grandpa: Penny, why don’t you write a play about ism-mania?
    Penny: Ism-mania?
    Grandpa: Yeah, sure. You know, communism, fascism, voodooism. Everybody’s got an ism these days.
    Penny: It sounds like an itch or something.
    Grandpa: It’s just as catching. When things go a little bad these days, you go out and get yourself an ism and you’re in business.
    —Robert Riskin (1897–1955)