DMD may refer to:

  • Delta Mu Delta, an international honor society
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine, a professional degree
  • Demand Media, a social media company's ticker symbol on NYSE
  • Dendermonde, a city in Belgium
  • Diet Mountain Dew, a sugar free soft drink
  • Digital Media Design, an interdisciplinary undergraduate program at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Direct Metal/Material Deposition, a multilayer cladding process where a precisely controlled laser beam is used to melt metal powders onto a substrate
  • Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a recessive X-linked form of muscular dystrophy
  • Dynamic mode decomposition, method to decompose experimental data into modes, resembling an empirical eigenvalue decomposition.
  • Dysmyelogenic leukodystrophy, a neurodegenerative disease
  • Dystrophin, a gene involved in muscular dystrophy
  • Dimethyldioxirane, an organic molecule
  • Differential mode delay, a form of signal distortion in optical fiber
  • Draw Mohammed Day

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SNCF Class BB 60031
... They were initially numbered DMD 1-3, but were soon renumbered into the SNCF numbering system as 040 DD 1-3 ... Details of each locomotive are shown below Number Built Withdrawn Status 1962 ... DMD 040 ... DD 1 BB 1970 ... Scrapped DMD 040 ... DD 2 BB 1971 ... Preserved at Musée Français ...
Aspen Matthews - Killian and The Blue
... research station called Deep Marine Discovery (DMD) ... The primary goal of the DMD was to study a strange alien ship that seemed to have a symbiotic relationship with the surrounding water ... Aspen also learns that the DMD was holding a strange alien man named Killian, who had voluntarily surrendered himself ...
Harvard School Of Dental Medicine - Early Graduates and Deans
... Kazanjian, Pioneer in Plastic Surgery, Harvard's First Professor of Plastic Surgery, DMD 1905 Dr ... First African-American Dental College Graduate, DMD 1869 Dr ... First Dean of Harvard Dental School, DMD 1870(Honorary) Dr ...
Equinox Digital Music Distribution (DMD)
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Checkpoint (pinball)
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