• (noun): A clergyman or other person in religious orders.
    Synonyms: cleric, churchman, ecclesiastic
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Divine Assassin - Executioners
... When a Divine Assassin is no longer needed or fails to behave as expected, His Shadow calls on a special subset of Divine Assassins called Divine Executioners ... Divine Executioners are far more deadly than regular Divine Assassins ... As Kai said, "If Divine Assassins are Death incarnate, then Divine Executioners are the Apocalypse made flesh." These two classes compete for protoblood ...
Universal Worship Service
... six of the major world religions and traditions, each evoking a Divine Quality the tradition is said to illustrate Hinduism (Divine Wisdom) Buddhism (Divine Compassion) Zoroastrianism (Divi ... Tradition (also called the tradition of the Divine Feminine) Taoism Indigenous Traditions (usually, the indigenous tradition local to the celebration of the service is ...
Vishnu - Iconography
... The conch symbolizes that Vishnu is the primeval Divine sound of creation and continuity ... It symbolizes that Vishnu's divine power is the source of all spiritual, mental and physical strength ... Vishnu's mace is the power of the Divine within us to spiritually purify and uplift us from our materialistic bonds ...
Interior Life (Catholic Theology) - Biblical Basis
... distinction between two Greek terms for life bios (biological life) and zoe (divine, supernatural life) ... life has been understood as a participation in divine, intratrinitarian life introduced in the life of a Christian at baptism (Cf ... partakers of the divine nature" in 2 Pt 14), and which grows through further reception of the sacraments, channels of grace which in its essence is "divine life." This divine life ...
Insect Civilization - Notable Insects
... Street Films Crew Stanley Tweedle Zev/Xev Bellringer 790 Kai Lyekka Villains His Divine Shadow Gigashadow Mantrid Isambard Prince Giggerota Minor Characters Reginald J ... Time Prophet Universe Brunnen-G Insect Civilization Fire Water Divine Order Divine Assassin Cluster Lizard Divine Predecessor ...

More definitions of "divine":

  • (adj): Being or having the nature of a god.
    Example: "The custom of killing the divine king upon any serious failure of his...powers"-J.G.Frazier; "the divine will"; "the divine capacity for love"
    Synonyms: godlike
  • (adj): Devoted to or in the service or worship of a deity.
    Example: "Divine worship"; "divine liturgy"
  • (verb): Perceive intuitively or through some inexplicable perceptive powers.
  • (adj): Of such surpassing excellence as to suggest divine inspiration.
    Example: "Her pies were simply divine"; "the divine Shakespeare"
    Synonyms: elysian, inspired
  • (adj): Resulting from divine providence.
    Synonyms: providential
  • (adj): Appropriate to or befitting a god.
    Example: "The divine strength of Achilles"
    Synonyms: godlike
  • (adj): Emanating from God.
    Example: "Divine judgment"; "divine guidance"
    Synonyms: godly
  • (verb): Search by divining, as if with a rod.
    Example: "He claimed he could divine underground water"

Famous quotes containing the word divine:

    Why should not our furniture be as simple as the Arab’s or the Indian’s? When I think of the benefactors of the race, whom we have apotheosized as messengers from heaven, bearers of divine gifts to man, I do not see in my mind any retinue at their heels, any carload of fashionable furniture.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Moral choices do not depend on personal preference and private decision but on right reason and, I would add, divine order.
    Basil Hume (b. 1923)

    Europe has always owed to oriental genius its divine impulses. What these holy bards said, all sane men found agreeable and true.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)