Dish or DISH may refer to:

  • Dish, Texas
  • Dish (food), something prepared to be eaten
  • Dishware, plates and bowls for eating
  • Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis, a form of arthritis
  • Dish antenna a type of antenna
  • Satellite dish, an antenna for receiving satellite signals
  • Dish Network, a satellite television provider in North America
  • Dish TV, a satellite television provider in India
  • The Dish (TV series), an American television show
  • The Dish, an Australian film

Famous quotes containing the word dish:

    I believe that water is the only drink for a wise man: wine is not so noble a liquor; and think of dashing the hopes of a morning with a cup of warm coffee, or of an evening with a dish of tea! Ah, how low I fall when I am tempted by them! Even music may be intoxicating. Such apparently slight causes destroyed Greece and Rome, and will destroy England and America.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    My prime of youth is but a frost of cares,
    My feast of joy is but a dish of pain,
    My crop of corn is but a field of tares,
    And all my good is but vain hope of gain:
    The day is past, and yet I saw no sun,
    And now I live, and now my life is done.
    Chidiock Tichborne (1558–1586)

    This stable is a Prince’s court.
    This crib His chair of state;
    The beasts are parcel of His pomp,
    The wooden dish His plate.
    Robert Southwell (1561?–1595)