Discos Qualiton

Discos Qualiton was a record label, published by the extinct recording studio Fonema S.A. A garage experiment born in Rosario, Argentina in 1961, Qualiton would later became a major independent project influencing a generation of artists, writers, musicians, poets and filmmakers.

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Discos Qualiton - The 1970s
... The final days of Discos Qualiton came about in 1978 ... Only a few complete collections of Discos Qualiton, and other labels associated to Fonema and Fondo Cultural, have survived and are available in a handful of libraries, private collections, and research ... It is worth noticing that up to 1977, the artistic direction of Discos Qualiton was mostly the result of the expertise of Ivan Cosentino as a musician and recording engineer ...
Discos Qualiton - The Artwork
... The graphic corporate image of Qualiton was created by Oscar Díaz ... Díaz was a prestigious local graphic artist who also conceived the unique logo of Discos Qualiton, Juglaría and Colección Privada ... Qualiton's logo, a spiral to its center representing the groove in a vinyl record, incorporated the illusion of a human eye ...
Qualiton Records - Discos Qualiton, Argentina
... Discos Qualiton was an independent record label own by Fonema S.A ... in Buenos Aires, Argentina ...