Diagonal Lines

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Picaria - Equipment
... Three horizontal lines form the three rows ... Three vertical lines form the three columns ... Two diagonal lines connect the two opposite corners of the board ...
Recurrence Quantification Analysis - RQA Measures
... The next measure is the percentage of recurrence points which diagonal lines in the recurrence plot of minimal length where is the frequency distribution of the lengths of the diagonal lines ... a recurrence plot with almost only single dots and very few diagonal lines, whereas a deterministic process has a recurrence plot with very few single dots but many long ... of recurrence points which form vertical lines can be quantified in the same way where is the frequency distribution of the lengths of the vertical lines, which have at least a length of ...
Ulam Spiral - Construction
... To his surprise, the circled numbers tended to line up along diagonal lines ... In the 200×200 Ulam spiral shown above, diagonal lines are clearly visible, confirming the pattern ... Horizontal and vertical lines, while less prominent, are also evident ...

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    There they lived on, those New England people, farmer lives, father and grandfather and great-grandfather, on and on without noise, keeping up tradition, and expecting, beside fair weather and abundant harvests, we did not learn what. They were contented to live, since it was so contrived for them, and where their lines had fallen.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)