DEVELOP or Develop may refer to:

  • NASA DEVELOP (intern program), a NASA Applied Sciences student program
  • Develop India Group, a independent newsletter
  • Develop (magazine), a trade publication for the video game industry
  • develop (Apple magazine), a technical magazine formerly published by Apple Computer
  • Develop (chess), moving a piece from its original square
  • Develop (producer), hip hop producer
  • Develop Turkey, development monitoring organisation
  • Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn, volunteer-run and community-funded non-profit organization

Other articles related to "develop":

... (/eɪˈdʒɛnəsəs/) refers to the failure of an organ to develop during embryonic growth and development due to the absence of primordial tissue ... Agenesis of the corpus callosum- failure of the Corpus callosum to develop Renal agenesis- failure of one or both of the kidneys to develop Phocomelia ...
Purbrook Junior School - Aims
... for each other, the environment and foster links with the wider community Develop spiritual and moral awareness, and an understanding of cultures and societies Provide ...
Costume Designer - Responsibilities
... and other designers (set designer, lighting designer, make-up artist) on the production team to develop design concepts ... Develop and implement a budget for costume-related expenses ... Develop patterns for costumes if it is necessary ...
Arab Society For Intellectual Property - Objectives
... • To enhance and develop the system of IP protection ... • To develop and set effective mechanisms to support Intellectual Property Rights (IPRS) protection globally ... • To develop and raise the scientific status and importance of the IP protection profession ...
Projects - Channel Arc Manche Integrated Strategy
... of this area in various realms (geography, economy, biology, etc.) Develop intermodal transport Develop innovation, workforce development, economic growth Create common tools in ... Ultimately, develop and implement an integrated maritime strategy in the Channel area ...

Famous quotes containing the word develop:

    The goal in raising one’s child is to enable him, first, to discover who he wants to be, and then to become a person who can be satisfied with himself and his way of life. Eventually he ought to be able to do in his life whatever seems important, desirable, and worthwhile to him to do; to develop relations with other people that are constructive, satisfying, mutually enriching; and to bear up well under the stresses and hardships he will unavoidably encounter during his life.
    Bruno Bettelheim (20th century)

    For the child whose impulsiveness is indulged, who retains his primitive-discharge mechanisms, is not only an ill-behaved child but a child whose intellectual development is slowed down. No matter how well he is endowed intellectually, if direct action and immediate gratification are the guiding principles of his behavior, there will be less incentive to develop the higher mental processes, to reason, to employ the imagination creatively. . . .
    Selma H. Fraiberg (20th century)

    Your children are not here to fill the void left by marital dissatisfaction and disengagement. They are not to be utilized as a substitute for adult-adult intimacy. They are not in this world in order to satisfy a wife’s or a husband’s need for love, closeness or a sense of worth. A child’s task is to fully develop his/her emerging self. When we place our children in the position of satisfying our needs, we rob them of their childhood.
    Aaron Hess (20th century)