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1. Women, Development and the UN: A Sixty-year Quest for Equality and Justice (2005)

2. (With Pam Rajput) Narratives from the Women’s Studies Family (2003)

3. The Vocabulary of Women’s Politics (2000)

4. (With Diana L. Eck) Speaking of Faith; Cross Cultural Perspectives on Women, Religion and Social Change (1986)

5. (With Nirmala Banerjee) Tyranny of the Household (1985)

6. For Women To Lead—Ideas And Experiences From Asia: Study On The Legal Political Impediment To Gender Equity In Governance (1997)

7. Minds, Not Bodies - Expanding The Notion Of Gender In Development (1995)

8. Women’s Quest for Power – Five Indian Case Studies (1980)

9. Indian Women (1975)


10. “Feminist Networks, Peoples Movements, and Alliances: Learning From The Ground,” in Feminist Politics, Activism and Vision: Local and Global Challenges, Volume 1 (Ed.) Angela Miles and Luciana Ricciutelli, Inanna Publications and Education Inc., Toronto, 2005

11. “A View from the South: A Story of Intersections” in Arvonne S Fraser and Irene Tinker, Ed., ‘Developing Power – How Women Transformed International Development’, (New York, Feminist Press, 2004)

12. “Finding Strategic Identities in an Unequal World: Feminist Reflections from India” in Faye V. Harrison, ed., Resisting Racism and Xenophobia: Global Perspectives on Race, Gender and Human Rights, AltaMira Press, California, September 2005

13. “Healing the Wounds of Development” Jill Ker Conway and Susan C. Bourque (ed.) The Politics of Women’s Education- Perspectives from Asia, Africa, and Latin America, The University of Michigan, 1993, USA

14. “To Be Or Not To Be? The Location of Women in Public Policy” – a paper presented at the International Conference on Development in Karnataka: A Multidisciplinary Perspective, at Institute of Social and Economic Change (ISEC), Bangalore, June 2005

15. “Quest for Healing”, in Science and Beyond – Cosmology, Consciousness and Technology in the Indic Traditions, NIAS, Bangalore, 2004

16. “Democratising Culture” in Culture, Democracy and Development in South Asia N.N. Vohra (ed.). Delhi, Shipra, 2001

17. Women and Trade Liberalisation—South Asia’s Opportunities Global Trading Practices and Poverty Alleviation in South Asia: A Gender Perspective. UNIFEM and CIDA 1995

18. Feminism and Feminist Expression: A Dialogue, Culture and the Making of Identity in Contemporary India, Kamala Ganesh and Usha Thakkar (ed.,), Sage Publication, New Delhi, 2005

19. Measuring Women's Work: Some Methodological Issues, in Women and Development: Perspectives from South and South East Asia. Raunaq Jahan and Hanna Pappanek, (ed.,) Bangladesh, Institute of Law and International Affairs, 1979

20. The Culture of the Poor, Karuna M Braganza and Saleem Peeradina (ed.) in Cultural Forces Shaping India, All India Association for Christian Higher Education, 1989, New Delhi

21. For Whom the Bells Toll: Democracy and Development in South Asia, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, Vol. 15 No. 2, July 2002

22. “Indian Women: Some Reflections On Two Sector Analysis” in Social Change March - June 1975

23. “Valuing Work: Time as a Measure” Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. XXXI, No. 43, October 26, 1996


1. Nuancing globalisation or Mainstreaming the downstream or Reforming Reform – Nita Barrow Memorial Lecture, University of West Indies, Barbados, November 1999

2. Development as if Women Mattered - Can Women Build a new Paradigm? OECD, Paris, 1983

3. Indian Women; Today and Tomorrow, Padmaja Naidu Memorial Lecture, Published by Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi, 1982

4. Gender-apartheid as a hindrance to development: Women and the Global Economy, A public conference convened by Alliance Sud and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) November 15, 2005, Berne (Switzerland)

5. Women’s Rights between the UN Human Rights Regime and Free Trade Agreements, Globalising Women’s Rights: Confronting unequal development between the, UN rights framework and WTO-trade agreements, Bonn, 19–22 May 2004

6. Are We Knowledge Proof? Development as Waste speech delivered at Lovraj Kumar Memorial Lecture, 26 September, New Delhi (Reprinted in Wastelands News, Vol. 19(1), August-October 2003, “Society for Promotion of Wastelands Development”, New Delhi, pp. 19–30

7. Through the looking glass of poverty, Paper presented at New Hall Cambridge, United kingdom, October 19, 2001.

8. Valuing Women- Signals From The Ground (Broad Theme: Cultural Diversity And Universal Norms) Opening Session: June 1, 2001, For The University Of Maryland, USA

9. The Torture of Women: Some Dimensions, paper presented at VII International Symposium on Torture, September 1999, New

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