Der Mann

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German Sentence Structure - Subordinate Clauses - Relative Clauses
... identical to the definite pronoun (der/die/das), or the interrogative pronoun (welchem/welcher/welches), the remaining words are put after it ... Der Mann, der/welcher seiner Frau den Hund schenkt (nominative subject)("The man who gives his wife the dog") Der Hund, den/welchen der Mann seiner Frau schenkt (accusative object) ("The dog which ... Der Mann, dessen Auto auf der Stra├če parkt ("The man whose car is parked on the street") Die Person, deren Auto ich kaufe ("The person whose car I am buying") Das Auto, dessen ...

Famous quotes containing the words mann and/or der:

    How else is the famous short story ‘A study in Abjection’ to be understood but as an outbreak of disgust against an age indecently undermined by psychology.
    —Thomas Mann (1875–1955)

    Under the lindens on the heather,
    There was our double resting-place.
    —Walther Von Der Vogelweide (1170?–1230?)