Nino may refer to:

  • Nino (name)
  • El Niño, a climate pattern in the tropical Pacific Ocean
  • NINO, an abbreviation for National insurance number in the United Kingdom
  • Niño, the smallest conga drum
  • Niño (single), a single from the album Dulce Beat by Belanova
  • Nino (novel), a 1938 children's novel by Valenti Angelo
  • Philips Nino, a PDA-style device

Other articles related to "nino":

Philips Nino
... The Philips Nino was a so-called Palm-size PC, a predecessor to the Pocket PC platform ... The Nino 200 and Nino 300 models had a monochrome screen while the Nino 500 had a color display ... The Nino featured a Voice Control Software and Tegic T9 ...
Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum (film) - Plot
... In Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum 300-year-old Nino looks like he is eight or nine years old ... Described by Graeber as a "Brazilian counterpart" to Harry Potter, Nino tries to write a book of spells ... His aunt and uncle criticize his apprenticeship and Nino wants to play with ordinary children ...
Cross-linguistic Onomatopoeias - Machinery - Siren Wailing
... Pin Pon In German, Tatütata In Greek, eeuu eeuu ηου-ηου In Hungarian, Nínó In Italian, nino nino In Japanese, ピーポーピーポー (pīpō pīpō) In Korean, bbeepo ...
So You Think You Can Dance (season 2) Finalists - Benjamin Susak
... Feeling" Irene Cara-Performed with Ashlee Nino American Jive-"Great Balls of Fire" Jerry Lee Lewis-Performed with Ashlee Nino Hip-Hop-"Caught Up" Usher-Performed with Ashlee ...
Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum - Main Characters
... Nino (Antonino Victorius Stradivarius II) Born on December 11, 1692, in San Vicente, Province of Terra de Vera Cruz ... Son of Antonino Quântico Stradivarius II and Ninotchka Astrobaldo Stradivarius (Nino uses the number in the name of his father (II) by honor) ... A boy who is 300 years old, Nino lives with his uncle Victor and his great-aunt Morgana ...