The Denyen are one of the groups constituting the Sea Peoples, who were of Indo-European origin.

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Sea Peoples - Documentary Records - Reign of Ramesses III - Checking The Onslaught
... It mentions the Tjeker, Peleset, Denyen, Weshesh and Shekelesh ... persona of Ramses III says, "I slew the Denyen (D'-yn-yw-n) in their isles" and "burned" the Tjeker and Peleset, implying a maritime raid of his own ... prompted some to suggest that they may originally have been Denyen ...
Denyen - Tribe of Dan
... There are suggestions that the Denyen joined with Hebrews to form one of the original 12 tribes of Israel ... It was speculated that the Denyen had been taken to Egypt, and subsequently settled between the Caphtorite Philistines and the Tjekker, along the Mediterranean coast with the Tribe of Dan ... Samson, whom some suggest is derived from Denyen tribal legends ...