Demonic Toys

Demonic Toys is a film produced by Charles Band's Full Moon Entertainment and released in 1992. The film features small, killer toys similar to those seen in Puppet Master, a film which Band produced in 1989. Like many other Full Moon releases, Demonic Toys never had a theatrical release and went straight-to-video in 1992. In the USA the film was given an "R" rating for violence, language, and brief nudity.

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... Demonic Toys (on screen title being "Dollman vs ... the Demonic Toys) is a low-budget independent 1993 horror film in the B movie category, that went straight to video and never had a theatrical release ... It is a Main Series of three films released by Full Moon Features Dollman, Demonic Toys and Bad Channels ...
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... Demonic Toys made its DVD debut in the 2005 box set "The Dollman / Demonic Toys Box Set" along with its two predessors Demonic Toys and Dollman ... feature set containing this film, Dollman and Demonic Toys ...
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... Moon released a four-issue comic book limited series based on the film entitled The Demonic Toys Play At Your Own Risk! ... and takes place eight years after the first film, following the toys as they try to revive their master ...
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