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Frederick Fung - Political Positions and Activity
... Fung's most controversial move among the democratic camp was his acceptance to join the Provisional Legco, set up by the PRC Government to replace Legco temporarily upon reunification in 1997, after ... The democratic camp generally boycotted the provisional body and other appointments by the Chinese side, criticising them as a backwards step for democracy ... regarded as a compromise with the Chinese government and was criticised by other members of the democratic camp ...
Democratic Party (Hong Kong) - History - 1997–2008
... In April 2002, some members in the "Young Turks" camp within the party left and joined The Frontier ... In 2004, the popularity of other groups and individuals in the pro-democratic camp (such as members of the Article 45 Concern Group and Albert Cheng), together with the ... As a result, the Democratic Party only won 9 seats (7 in geographical constituencies and 2 in functional constituencies) overall, becoming the third largest party in LegCo behind the ...

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    When the weather is bad as it was yesterday, everybody, almost everybody, feels cross and gloomy. Our thin linen tents—about like a fish seine, the deep mud, the irregular mails, the never to-be-seen paymasters, and “the rest of mankind,” are growled about in “old-soldier” style. But a fine day like today has turned out brightens and cheers us all. We people in camp are merely big children, wayward and changeable.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)

    That’s free enterprise, friends: freedom to gamble, freedom to lose. And the great thing—the truly democratic thing about it—is that you don’t even have to be a player to lose.
    Barbara Ehrenreich (b. 1941)