Dawkins is an English surname. It is a compound of 'Daw', a common diminutive of 'David' during the Middle Ages, and Kin; literally "the kin of David". It has also been linked with the Keynes family as a derivative name. It may refer to:

  • Benjamin C. Dawkins, Jr. (1911–1984), US District Judge in Louisiana
  • Benjamin C. Dawkins, Sr. (1881–1966), US District Judge in Louisiana
  • Brian Dawkins (born 1973), American football Safety for the Denver Broncos
  • Cecil Dawkins (born 1927), North American author, also known for her personal correspondence with Flannery O'Connor
  • Sir Clinton Edward Dawkins (1859–1905), British businessman and civil servant
  • Darryl Dawkins (born 1957), American basketball player and coach
  • Derek Dawkins, English footballer
  • Egbert Nathaniel Dawkins III aka Aloe Blacc, American soul singer and musician
  • Gookie Dawkins (born 1979), baseball player
  • James Dawkins (antiquarian) (1722, Jamaica – 6 September 1757, Sutton's Plantation, Jamaica) was a British antiquarian and Jacobite.
  • Jimmy Dawkins, Chicago blues musician
  • John Sydney "Joe" Dawkins (born 1947), Australian politician, instigator of educational reforms known as the Dawkins Revolution
  • John Dawkins, Australian politician, member of South Australian Legislative Council
  • Johnny Dawkins (born 1963), American basketball player and coach
  • Marian Stamp Dawkins (born 1945), professor of animal behaviour at Oxford, ex-wife of Richard Dawkins
  • Marvin Dawkins aka MC Romeo (born 1980), British garage music MC and member of So Solid Crew
  • Paul Dawkins (born 1979), American basketball player
  • Peter Dawkins:
    • Peter Dawkins, writer and founder-director of the Francis Bacon Research Trust
    • Peter Dawkins (born 1946), New Zealand record producer and musician
    • Peter Miller Dawkins (born 1938) former US Army Brigadier General, Heisman Trophy winner, Rhodes Scholar, and currently vice chairman of Citigroup Private Bank
  • Richard Dawkins (born 1941), ethologist, evolutionary biologist, and noted atheist
  • Richard MacGillivray Dawkins (1871–1955), British archaeologist
  • Sean Dawkins (born 1971), American football player
  • William Boyd Dawkins (1837–1929), British geologist and archaeologist

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