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Mount Darwin West
... Darwin West is a constituency which elects a representative to the Zimbabwe House of Assembly as of the 2008 parliamentary election ... General Election 2008 Mt.Darwin West Party Candidate Votes % ±% ZANU-PF Joyce Mujuru 13270 83.20 MDC-T Gora Madzudzo 1792 11.24 MDC (Mutambara) Shanya Joseph 887 5.56 Majority 11478 71.96 Turnout ...

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    In trying to understand the appeal of best-sellers, it is well to remember that whistles can be made sounding certain notes which are clearly audible to dogs and other of the lower animals, though man is incapable of hearing them.
    —Rebecca West (1892–1983)

    Natural selection, the blind, unconscious, automatic process which Darwin discovered, and which we now know is the explanation for the existence and apparently purposeful form of all life, has no purpose in mind. It has no mind and no mind’s eye. It does not plan for the future. It has no vision, no foresight, no sight at all. If it can be said to play the role of the watchmaker in nature, it is the blind watchmaker.
    Richard Dawkins (b. 1941)