Dark Bring

Dark Bring (Shadow Stones in the English anime) are evil magical stones from the Japanese anime show and manga series Groove Adventure RAVE (called Rave Master in the American version). Dark Bring generally take the form of dark purple stones of any size and shape (some had even been accessorized by their owners into various ornaments) that steadily give off a faint purple to pinkish glow from time to time. These stones are used by many antagonists in the series, but are mainly used by the criminal organization known as Demon Card. The goal for the Rave Warriors, Haru Glory, is to collect all the RAVE stones and destroy the mother Dark Bring Sinclaire. Based on their level of power, Dark Brings are separated into different groups. If a person uses Dark Bring too much, it will turn the user into evil, even if the user is good at heart or uses it for good.

All Dark Bring Stones are unique in that each of them houses a different power; this unique power varies from person to person, some of which had been shown to be a manifestation of the wielder's will or inherent strength. Each of them is also given significant names that can be in any way related to that power.

The subject of the article is the main weapon used by the antagonists in the series. The list of these weapons is far too long to be added onto the already long page, so it is necessary to create a new page for them.

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