Daly or DALY may refer to:

  • Daly (lunar crater)
  • Daly City, California
  • Daly College, India
  • Daly detector, atype of mass spectrometry detector
  • Daly languages, group of Australian aborigine languages
  • Disability-adjusted life year, a measure of burden of disease
  • Electoral division of Daly, Northern Territory, Australia
  • USS Daly (DD-519), a Fletcher-class destroyer

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Charles P. Daly - Personal Life
... Daly met Maria Lydig in 1855 ... Like Daly, Maria was a Democrat and a Unionist ... Like his wife, Daly died in North Haven in 1899, rather than at their home in New York City at 84 Clifton Place ...
Sustainability Metrics And Indices - Metrics and Indices - "Daly Rules" Approach
... Daly (working from theory initially developed by Romanian economist Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen and laid out in his 1971 opus "The Entropy Law and the ... Some commentators have argued that the "Daly Rules", being based on ecological theory and the Laws of Thermodynamics, should perhaps be considered implicit or foundational for the many other systems that are ... In this view, the Bruntland Definition and the Daly Rules can be seen as complementary—Bruntland provides the ethical goal of non-depletion of natural capital, Daly details parsimoniously how this ethic is ...
Lake County School District - Scholarships
... eligible for several substantial college scholarships including the Bernard Daly Educational Fund, the Collins-McDonald Fund, and Burt Snyder Fund ... The Daly Fund has been particularly important ... Established in 1922 by Doctor Bernard Daly, the Fund has provided generous college scholarships for over 2,000 Lake County students ...
List Of Mayors Of Bayonne, New Jersey
... Daly 1915–1919 Pierre P ... Daly 1931–1939 Lucius F ... Daly 1947–1951 Charles A ...
Sam Daly
... Sam Daly (born on March 24, 1984, in Providence, Rhode Island) is an American actor ... He is the son of actor Tim Daly and actress Amy Van Nostrand ... His aunt is actress Tyne Daly ...

Famous quotes containing the word daly:

    If God is male, then male is God. The divine patriarch castrates women as long as he is allowed to live on in the human imagination.
    —Mary Daly (b. 1928)