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Chrysler LA Engine - Technical Information
... The cylinder block remained basically the same ... Cylinders were numbered from the front of the engine to the rear cylinders 1, 3, 5 and 7 were found on the left (driver side) bank, or "bank 1", with the even numbers on the ... Coolant passages were located between the cylinders ...
Fw190 - Early Development - Design Concepts
... The hottest point on any air-cooled engine are the cylinder heads, located along the outside diameter of a radial engine ... by placing an airfoil-shaped ring around the outside of the cylinder heads ... the engine proper was greatly simplified, essentially a basic cylinder ...
Chevrolet Big-Block Engine - Generation 2: Mark IV Series - 427
... RPO L89 was an L71 fitted with aluminum heads While this option produced no power advantage, it did reduce engine (and hence, vehicle) weight by roughly 75 pounds (34 kg) ... nearly identical to the production L88 version of the 427, but featured an all-aluminum cylinder block in addition to aluminum cylinder heads, which dropped total engine weight into small block Chevy ... The engine was also fitted with the new open combustion chamber cylinder heads, a light weight aluminum water pump, a camshaft that was slightly "hotter" than the L88's and a specially tuned aluminum ...
Anzani 10-cylinder - Design and Development
... In the first decade of the 20th century Anzani developed his upright 3-cylinder 'W' type motorcycle engine, which powered Bleriot's successful Channel ... By 1912 he had built the Anzani 10, a 10-cylinder engine, air-cooled like its predecessors, which, like other Anzani engines, was made with ... row engine, built with two rows of five cylinders separated along the crankshaft by about a cylinder radius, giving the engine a slimmer profile than other contemporary two-row radial engines ...
Mercedes-Benz OM603
... marvel in pre-chamber design and a technological leap forward from the earlier 5 cylinder OM617 ... As these were mounted at the cylinder head (modern traps are mounted further away), heat from these trap oxidizers caused failure of the aluminum cylinder heads on the first generation of 603-e ... Even without the heat from the trap oxidizers, the original #14 mold cylinder heads were weak and if overheated could crack as with any overheated engine ...

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    The outline of the city became frantic in its effort to explain something that defied meaning. Power seemed to have outgrown its servitude and to have asserted its freedom. The cylinder had exploded, and thrown great masses of stone and steam against the sky.
    Henry Brooks Adams (1838–1918)