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Malone Pioneers - Football - Current Program
... See 2010 Malone Pioneers football team The current head football coach is Eric Hehman, who is in his first year at Malone ... He has taken over the program from Mike Gardner, who held the position from 2006 until 2009 ...
Evolution of MVS
... If there were two large programs ready to run, one would have to wait until the other finished and vacated the large partition ... some weaknesses if a job allocated memory dynamically (as most sort programs and database management systems do), the programmers had to estimate the job's maximum memory ... A job step that contained a mix of small and large programs wasted memory while the small programs ran ...
Robert Goddard Montessori - List of Schools - High Schools
... College, which is a middle college program ... a high school based on an "attendance area." Magnet Programs operate as a "School-Within-A-School" model, where the magnet serves as an alternative program---in addition to the main comprehensive program ... model, where they offer anywhere from two or more Academy Programs, which effectively breaks a school down into several smaller schools within the ...
Dartmouth Time Sharing System
... NEW — to name and begin writing a program OLD — to retrieve a previously named program LIST — to display the current program SAVE — to save the current program RUN — to execute ... typed in by the user, and beginning with a line number, was added to the program, replacing any previously stored line with the same number anything else was immediately ... between users and real-time chat via a precursor to the Unix talk program ...

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    Who will join in the march to the Rocky Mountains with me, a sort of high-pressure-double-cylinder-go-it-ahead-forty-wildcats- tearin’ sort of a feller?... Git out of this warming-pan, ye holly-hocks, and go out to the West where you may be seen.
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    The first opinion that occurs to us when we are suddenly asked about something is usually not our own but only the current one pertaining to our class, position, or parentage; our own opinions seldom swim on the surface.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)