Cthulhu Mythos Arcane Literature - B - Book of Iod

The Book of Iod was created by Henry Kuttner and first appeared in his short story "Bells of Horror" (as Keith Hammond; 1939). The original Book of Iod, of which only one copy exists, is written in the "Ancient Tongue", possibly a combination of Greek and Coptic. Although its origin is unknown, the book may have been written by the mysterious author "Khut-Nah," which sounds remarkably like Kuttner. The Book of Iod contains details about Iod, the Shining Hunter, Vorvados, and Zuchequon. The Huntington Library of San Marino, California is said to hold an expurgated translation, possibly in Latin, by Johann Negus.

The Book of Iod was also the title of a short-story collection published by Chaosium in 1995, containing ten Cthulhu Mythos stories by Kuttner along with three related stories by Kuttner and Robert Bloch, Lin Carter, and Robert M. Price.


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