Cross - As Markings

As Markings

Written crosses are used for many different purposes, particularly in mathematics.

  • The Roman numeral for ten is X.
  • In the Latin alphabet, the letter X and the minuscule form of t are crosses.
  • In the Georgian alphabet, the letters ქ and ჯ are crosses.
  • The Chinese character for ten is 十 (see Chinese numerals).
  • The dagger or obelus (†) is a cross
  • The addition (or plus) sign (+) and the multiplication (or times) sign (×) are cross shapes.
  • A cross is often used as a check mark because it can be clearer, easier to create with an ordinary pen or pencil, and less obscuring of any text or image that is already present than a large dot. It also allows marking a position more accurately than a large dot.
  • A large cross through a text often means that it is wrong or should be considered deleted. A cross is also used stand-alone (✗) to denote rejection.

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