Cretan Gendarmerie

The Cretan Gendarmerie (Greek: Κρητική Χωροφυλακή) was a gendarmerie force created under the Cretan State, after the island of Crete gained autonomy from Ottoman rule in the late 19th century. It later played a major role in the coup that toppled the government of King Constantine in 1916, and also in the World War II Battle of Crete and the Greek Resistance which followed.

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Cretan Gendarmerie - The National Defence coup D'état
... The representative of the Cretan Gendarmerie on this Committee was Captain D ... The Cretan Gendarmerie, however, managed to overcome the loyal forces in Thessaloniki and to initiate the coup ... Many of the Gendarmerie officers were already insiders in the conspiracy ...
Theriso Revolt - The Revolt - International Reaction
... The reinforcement of the local gendarmerie with European troops was quickly planned ... of an international corps intended to aid the Cretan gendarmerie in protecting Chania from a possible rebel attack ... of the Tsar's soldiers marched toward the Lefka Ori accompanied by Cretan gendarmes ...