Coping Strategies

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Appraisal Theory - Empirical Findings and Real World Applications
... In a study aimed at defining stress and the role of coping, conducted by Dewe (1991), significant relationships between primary appraisal, coping, and ... that cognitive appraisal and coping would help moderate variables for the children, and therefore the emotional impact of parent conflict would vary based on the nature of the child’s “appra ... The researchers tested coping strategies and measured child adjustment based on the children’s self-reported emotional and behavioral adjustment, determined from ...
Research By Gottman - Impact of Parental Meta-emotion On Children and Adolescents
... of parental meta-emotion on adolescent affect and coping skills ... on the development of children’s coping strategies ... interested in studying the nature versus nurture debate regarding children’s development of coping strategies ...
Social Stigma - Current Research - Effects of Education, Culture
... In the chapter on Coping with Giftedness, the authors expanded on the theory first presented in an 1988 article ... value judgments that may be assigned to the child result in the child’s use of social coping strategies to manage his or her identity ... the Information Management Model that describes the process by which children decide to employ coping strategies to manage their identities ...
Systematic Desensitization - Coping Strategies
... to exposure, the therapist teaches the patient cognitive strategies to cope with anxiety ... Relaxation training, such as meditation, is one type of coping strategy ... medicine prior to exposure to the phobia-inducing stimuli can also be used as a coping strategy ...
Boreout - Elements - Coping Strategies
... The symptoms of boreout lead employees to adopt coping or work-avoidance strategies that create the appearance that they are already under stress, suggesting to management ... Stretching strategies vary from employee to employee ...

Famous quotes containing the words strategies and/or coping:

    By intervening in the Vietnamese struggle the United States was attempting to fit its global strategies into a world of hillocks and hamlets, to reduce its majestic concerns for the containment of communism and the security of the Free World to a dimension where governments rose and fell as a result of arguments between two colonels’ wives.
    Frances Fitzgerald (b. 1940)

    Acknowledging separation feelings directly and sympathetically is the best way of coping with them. It is actually helpful to tell a toddler “I’ll miss you,” or “I will think of you during the day,” or “It is hard to say goodbye,” or “I can’t wait to see you at the end of the day.” These messages tell the child that he is important to the parent even when they are not together and that out of sight need not mean out of mind.
    Alicia F. Lieberman (20th century)