Contrast may refer to:

  • Contrast (vision), the difference in color and light between parts of an image
  • Contrast (form), vertical, horizontal, concave, convex, geometric, organic, soft, hard, coarse, smooth etc.
  • Contrast (linguistics), expressing distinctions between words
  • Contrast (statistics), a combination of averages whose coefficients add up to zero, or the difference between two means
  • Contrast (literary), describing the difference(s) between two or more entities
  • Negative (positive) contrast effect, a phenomenon studied in psychology (behavior analysis)

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Chubb Illusion
... The Chubb illusion is an optical illusion wherein the apparent contrast of an object varies dramatically, depending on the context of the presentation ... Low-contrast texture surrounded by a uniform field appears to have higher contrast than when it is surrounded by high-contrast texture ...
Contrast - Other Uses
... The Contrast (band), an English pop band The Contrast (play), an American play written in 1787 by Royall Tyler Contrast (Klinik album) Contrast (music) Contrast (EP ...
MRI Contrast Agent - Types - Oral Administration of Contrast Agents
... A wide variety of oral contrast agents can enhance images of the gastrointestinal tract ... such as blueberry and green tea can also be used for T1 increasing contrast enhancement ... of perfluorocarbon, has been used as a gastrointestinal MRI contrast agent for pediatric imaging ...
Lourdes Heart Institute - Treatments Available
... performing interventional procedures in less time with the advantage of using far lesser contrast than in a routine single plane cath lab, such a facility is rare, this ... incidence of renal failure secondary to contrast nephropathy ...
Leti Language - Phonology - Vowels
... The majority of these morphemes provide no evidence for the height contrast — /ɛ, ɔ/ are found before an ultimate /a/ and /e, o/ in other positions — and ... However, the contrast is set up synchronically on account of certain exceptions (/ea/ 'he, she', /msena/ 'refuse', /dena/ 'stay'), and the fact that when suffixed the ...

Famous quotes containing the word contrast:

    Armies, for the most part, are made up of men drawn from simple and peaceful lives. In time of war they suddenly find themselves living under conditions of violence, requiring new rules of conduct that are in direct contrast to the conditions they lived under as civilians. They learn to accept this to perform their duties as fighting men.
    Gil Doud, U.S. screenwriter, and Jesse Hibbs. Walter Bedell Smith (Himself)

    Flowers and fruits are always fit presents; flowers, because they are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all of the utilities of the world. These gay natures contrast with the somewhat stern countenance of ordinary nature: they are like music heard out of a work-house.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    Unlike Boswell, whose Journals record a long and unrewarded search for a self, Johnson possessed a formidable one. His life in London—he arrived twenty-five years earlier than Boswell—turned out to be a long defense of the values of Augustan humanism against the pressures of other possibilities. In contrast to Boswell, Johnson possesses an identity not because he has gone in search of one, but because of his allegiance to a set of assumptions that he regards as objectively true.
    Jeffrey Hart (b. 1930)