Contemporary Christian Worship

Contemporary Christian worship may refer to:

  • Contemporary worship music, a genre of contemporary Christian music
  • Contemporary worship, a form of Christian worship making use of the above
  • Present day practices in Christian worship generally

Famous quotes containing the words worship, contemporary and/or christian:

    When we really worship anything, we love not only its clearness but its obscurity. We exult in its very invisibility.
    Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874–1936)

    The attraction of horror is a mental, or even an intellectual, excitement, but the fascination of the repulsive, so noticeable in contemporary writing, can spring openly from some rotted substance within our civilization ...
    Ellen Glasgow (1873–1945)

    The deadly monotony of Christian country life where there are no beggars to feed, no drunkards to credit, which are among the moral duties of Christians in cities, leads as naturally to the outvent of what Methodists call “revivals” as did the backslidings of the people in those days.
    Corra May Harris (1869–1935)