Contact Angle

The contact angle is the angle, conventionally measured through the liquid, where a liquid/vapor interface meets a solid surface. It quantifies the wettability of a solid surface by a liquid via the Young equation. A given system of solid, liquid, and vapor at a given temperature and pressure has a unique equilibrium contact angle. However, in practice contact angle hysteresis is observed, ranging from the so-called advancing (maximal) contact angle to the receding (minimal) contact angle. The equilibrium contact is within those values, and can be calculated from them. The equilibrium contact angle reflects the relative strength of the liquid, solid, and vapor molecular interaction.

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Capillary Surface - Boundary Conditions
... for stress balance describe the capillary surface at the contact line the line where a solid meets the capillary interface also, volume constraints can ... For static surfaces, the most common contact line boundary condition is the implementation of the contact angle, which specifies the angle that one of the fluids meets the solid wall ... The contact angle condition on the surface is normally written as where is the contact angle ...
Pickering Emulsion
... The particle’s contact angle to the surface of the droplet is a characteristic of the hydrophobicity ... If the contact angle of the particle to the interface is low, the particle will be mostly wetted by the droplet and therefore will not be likely to prevent coalescence of the ... contact angle of approximately 90°) are better stabilizers because they are partially wettable by both liquids and therefore bind better to the surface of the droplets ...
Contact Angle - Measuring Methods
... The static sessile drop method The sessile drop method is measured by a contact angle goniometer using an optical subsystem to capture the profile of ... The angle formed between the liquid/solid interface and the liquid/vapor interface is the contact angle ... systems employ high resolution cameras and software to capture and analyze the contact angle ...
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... Contact angle, or wetting angle, is a very important parameter in real systems where perfect wetting ( = 0o) is hardly ever achieved ... The Young Equation provides reasoning for contact angle involvement in capillary condensation ... the surface tension between the liquid and vapor phases is scaled to the cosine of the contact angle ...
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... The contact angle, θ, is the angle formed by a liquid at the three phase boundary where the liquid, gas, and solid intersect ... The contact angle depends on the interfacial tensions between the gas liquid, liquid solid, and gas solid ... Young’s Relation expresses the contact angle analytically where = Interfacial tension between the solid and gas = Interfacial tension between the solid and liquid = Interfacial tension between the ...

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