Constipation Predominant

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Classification - Rome Process For Diagnosing IBS
... movement I) Abdominal fullness, bloating, or swelling Diarrhea-predominant At least 1 of B, D, F and none of A, C, E or at least 2 of B, D, F and one of A or E ... Constipation-predominant At least 1 of A, C, E and none of B, D, F or at least 2 of A, C, E and one of B, D, F ... instability, we prefer the terms IBS with constipation and IBS with diarrhea instead of constipation- and diarrhea-predominant IBS ...
Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Management - Medication
... may consist of stool softeners and laxatives in constipation-predominant IBS, and antidiarrheals (e.g ... opiate, opioid, or opioid analogs such as loperamide, codeine, diphenoxylate) in diarrhea-predominant IBS for mild symptoms and stronger opiates such as morphine and oxycodone for severe cases ... the gut motility and so agonists can help constipation-predominate irritable bowel, while antagonists can help diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel ...

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