Compile may refer to:

  • Compile (software company), a Japanese video game company founded in 1983 (now defunct) that specialized in shoot 'em up and computer puzzle game genres
  • Compiler, a computer program (or set of programs) that translates source code written in a computer language into another computer language (the target language)
  • Compile, the name of the package manager of GoboLinux, an alternative Linux distribution

Other articles related to "compile":

Compile Heart
... COMPILE HEART Co.Ltd ... The company was formerly managed by Compile's former executive Moo Niitani before his retirement in December 2012 ... Compile Heart is primarily known for its Hyperdimension Neptunia and Record of Agarest War brands ...
Linghu Defen - During Emperor Gaozu's Reign
... Yu, Wang Jingye (王敬業), and Yin Wenli (殷聞禮) to compile the history of Northern Wei Chen, Linghu, and Yu Jian (庾儉) to compile the history of Northern Zhou Feng Deyi and Yan Shigu to ...
Sunaho Tobe
... She began her career with the video game company Compile ... During her time at Compile, she designed the characters for the company's DiskStation games Apple Sauce Anoko to Natsu Matsuri and Float Land no Otogi Banashi ... She later left Compile and became a freelance illustrator, working on numerous projects, including illustrating light novels and designing games for ...
Orange Compile -Daidai No Noudou Hensekishiki-
... Orange Compile -Daidai no Noudou Hensekishiki-' (Orange Compile -橙の能動編積式-), also known as Quantum Mechanics Rainbow VI Orange Compile, is the eleventh solo album from Japanese musician Daisuke Asakura ...
Build Automation - History
... However, when attempting to compile and link many source code modules, in a particular order, using the command line process is not a reasonable solution ... a build script to be written to call in a series, the needed compile and link steps to build a software application ... The term "build automation" now includes managing the pre and post compile and link activities as well as the compile and link activities ...

Famous quotes containing the word compile:

    If I were a maker of books I should compile a register, with comments, of different deaths. He who should teach people to die, would teach them to live.
    Michel de Montaigne (1533–1592)