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Court Of King's Bench (England) - History - Dissolution
... by the end of Charles II's reign, all three common law courts had a similar jurisdiction over most common pleas, with similar processes ... of the Court of King's Bench, for example, was originally confined to pleas of the Crown, and then extended to actions where violence was used - actions of trespass, by force but now, all actions ... by degrees, this court has drawn over to itself actions which really belong to...the Court of Common Pleas ...
Court Of King's Bench (England) - Jurisdiction
... The King's Bench's main jurisdiction was over "pleas of the crown" cases which involved the King in some way ... matters, which were handled by the Exchequer of Pleas, the King's Bench held exclusive jurisdiction over these cases ... The Court of King's Bench did act as an appellate body, hearing appeals from the Court of Common Pleas, eyre circuits, assize courts and local courts, but was not a court of last resort its ...
Henry Of Bath - Career
... In 1245 he became Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas ... to 1249 he acted as the senior justice for an Eyre circuit, during which period the Court of Common Pleas did not sit ... to Gascony, and was made Chief Justice of the Common Pleas yet again in 1256, serving until 1258 and dying in November 1260 ...
Custos Brevium
... The Custos Brevium was an official in the Court of Common Pleas and Court of King's Bench ... In the Court of Common Pleas the Custos Brevium served as Chief Clerk, in charge of the officials that supported the Justices of the Common Pleas in their business ...
Court Of Common Pleas (England) - History - Struggle With The King's Bench
... During the 15th century, the common law courts were challenged by the civil law and equity found in the Chancery and similar courts ... These courts and legal methods were much faster than the common law courts, so lawyers and claimants flocked to them ... This was perceived as a threat to the common law courts, for good reason between 1460 and 1540, the business of the common law courts significantly dropped, while the Chancery's cases rose ...

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