Some articles on columnists, columnist:

Prothom Alo - Regular Columnists
... Noted columnists regularly write columns for Prothom Alo ... Writer and columnist Muhammad Zafar Iqbal regularly contributes his column "Shadashidhe Kotha" ... Other regular columnists include Syed Manzoorul Islam, ABM Musa, Syed Abul Maqsud, Abul Momen, Abul Hayat, and Abu Ahmed ...
Jewish Atheists - Social Sciences - Journalism - Columnists
... David Aaronovitch – British author, broadcaster, journalist, regular columnist for The Times Amy Alkon (negative atheist) – writer of a weekly advice ... December 1, 2002 - editor and columnist at Fortune Magazine from 1950 to 1997, also writing for Forbes, Commentary, The American Mercury, Commonweal, and The New Leader ...
Gossip Columnist - History
... The first gossip columnist, dominating the 1930s and 40s, was Walter Winchell, who used political, entertainment, and social connections to mine information and rumors, which he then either ... In Hollywood's "golden age" in the 1930s and 1940s, gossip columnists were courted by the movie studios, so that the studios could use gossip columns as a powerful publicity tool ... through the 1950s, the two best-known - and competing - Hollywood gossip columnists were Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons ...
PC Magazine (UK)
... The columnists moved to Personal Computer World ... to the launch, ZD UK, headed by MD David Craver, started recruiting technology journalists and columnists some nine months before the launch ... Star columnists - they were called Fellows - were Peter Jackson and Guy Kewney, and the launch editor was Steve Malone ...
List Of The New York Times Employees - Current - Columnists
... Op-Ed Columnists David Brooks, Tuesday, Friday Gail Collins, Thursday, Saturday Maureen Dowd, Wednesday, Sunday Thomas L ... Monday Ross Douthat, Sunday Joe Nocera, Tuesday, Saturday Business Columnists Floyd Norris, Friday Gretchen Morgenson, Sunday David Carr, Monday Andrew Ross ... Stewart, Saturday Ron Lieber, Saturday Adam Bryant, Sunday News Columnists Dave Anderson, Weekly Peter Applebome Wednesday, Sunday Harvey Araton, Weekly Dan Barry, Wednesday, Saturday Roger ...

Famous quotes containing the word columnists:

    It so happened that, a few weeks later, “Old Ernie” [Ernest Hemingway] himself was using my room in New York as a hide-out from literary columnists and reporters during one of his rare stopover visits between Africa and Key West. On such all-too-rare occasions he lends an air of virility to my dainty apartment which I miss sorely after he has gone and all the furniture has been repaired.
    Robert Benchley (1889–1945)

    By now, legions of tireless essayists and op-ed columnists have dressed feminists down for making such a fuss about entering the professions and earning equal pay that everyone’s attention has been distracted from the important contributions of mothers working at home. This judgment presumes, of course, that prior to the resurgence of feminism in the ‘70s, housewives and mothers enjoyed wide recognition and honor. This was not exactly the case.
    Mary Kay Blakely (20th century)