Colonial State

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Administrative Divisions Of The Central African Republic - History - French Colonialism
... De Brazza and the pro-colonial in France wished to expand the borders of the French Congo to link up with French territories in West Africa, North Africa and East Africa ... In 1894, the French Congo's borders with Leopold II's Congo Free State and German Cameroon were fixed by diplomatic agreements ... concessionary companies in the Congo Free State convinced the French government in 1899 to grant 17 private companies large concessions in the Ubangi-S ...
Belgian Congo - Colonial Economic Policy
... To obtain the necessary capital, the colonial state gave the private companies, to a large extent, a free hand ... In agriculture, too, the colonial state forced a drastic rationalisation of production ... was not directly used by the local tribes—fell to the state, which redistributed it to European companies, individual white landowners (colons) or the missions ...

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    When we seek reconciliation with our enemies, it is commonly out of a desire to better our own condition, a being harassed and tired out with a state of war, and a fear of some ill accident which we are willing to prevent.
    François, Duc De La Rochefoucauld (1613–1680)

    Are you there, Africa with the bulging chest and oblong thigh? Sulking Africa, wrought of iron, in the fire, Africa of the millions of royal slaves, deported Africa, drifting continent, are you there? Slowly you vanish, you withdraw into the past, into the tales of castaways, colonial museums, the works of scholars.
    Jean Genet (1910–1986)