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WrestleMania X - Background
... Tunney announced that a coin toss would be used to decide who faced Yokozuna for the belt first ... If Hart won the coin toss, he would get the first title shot, and Luger would wrestle Crush earlier on the card ... On the January 31, 1994 episode of Monday Night Raw, Luger won the coin toss and the right to face Yokozuna first ...
American Football Rules - Playing The Game - Coin Toss
... Three minutes before the start of the game, the referee meets with captains from both teams for a coin toss ... The visiting team calls the toss ... The winner of the toss may defer their choice to the start of the second half, or they may take first choice of Receiving the kickoff to start the game, or kicking ...
Coin Flipping - In Fiction - Coin Landing On Its Edge in Fiction
... A coin toss has a theoretical third outcome, in which the coin comes to rest upright on its edge, rather than falling to either heads or tails ... Such an outcome usually results in either a tied coin toss, or victory to a person who successfully called "edge" ... Unable to choose, he flips a coin in the privacy of his office, but it falls against a book and lands on edge ...
Major League Baseball On ABC - History - 1990s
... ABC Sports president Dennis Swanson won a coin toss by calling "heads." Ken Schanzer, who was the CEO of The Baseball Network, handled the coin toss ... Schanzer agreed to the coin toss by ABC and NBC at the outset as the means of determining the order in which they'd divvy up the playoffs ...
Super Bowl XLIII - Entertainment and Other Ceremonies - Pregame
... NFL saluted four decades of champions during the coin toss ceremony and the Vince Lombardi Trophy presentation ... The coin toss featured Roger Craig (Super Bowl XXIII, 1989), John Elway (Super Bowl XXXIII, 1999) and Lynn Swann (Super Bowl XIII, 1979) ... General David Petraeus performed the actual coin toss ...

Famous quotes containing the words toss and/or coin:

    If certain, when this life was out—
    That your’s and mine, should be—
    I’d toss it yonder, like a Rind,
    And take Eternity—
    Emily Dickinson (1830–1886)

    Washington society has always demanded less and given more than any society in this country—demanded less of applause, deference, etiquette, and has accepted as current coin quick wit, appreciative tact, and a talent for talking.
    M. E. W. Sherwood (1826–1903)